Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hannah is 10 months!

Wow, double digits!  I can't believe my tiny baby will be one in two months.  Hannah got two more teeth this month for a total of six.  She has also gotten very busy playing.  She likes to check out all of her toys and can roll and pivot to get where she wants to go - everywhere but straight ahead!  She is getting very good at clapping and will do it when we sing the "Clap, clap, clap your hands" song.  She is also starting to wave and vocalizes a lot.

She really likes to turn things over to look at the underside and check out the screw holes and battery compartments.  She seems to find that way more interesting than the actual toy.

We had a busy month getting ready for Christmas.  Hannah made her performance debut at the St. Lucia pageant at IKEA along with her classmates from the Swedish School.  We didn't get any great shots of the pageant but here is one of her in her gingerbread girl outfit.

Of course, Christmas was the big event this month.  I will be doing a separate Christmas post but we had a great time at my sister's house.  Hannah was tired on Christmas Eve (her 10-month birthday) but still had fun looking at her presents.