Monday, April 25, 2011

Weight Watchers starts today...

Because if I don't lose 10 lbs, my wardrobe is going to be very limited when I go back to work in exactly four weeks.  And I would rather not be wearing maternity clothes!  They gave me a ton of points because I am breastfeeding, and under the new program I can eat as much fruit as I want.  I feel motivated and ready to go, let's hope I see some results!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hannah is 2 months!

The last month has been a busy one, and I haven't blogged as much as I would have like because Hannah likes to be held ALL day.  I put her in her bassinet or vibrating chair so I can get something to eat or drink or go to the bathroom, but mostly I just hold her.  When Steve comes home he takes over except when she is eating, which is frequently in the evening.  Some of the things that have happened in the last month:

-We got rid of the apnea monitor last week.  Yay!

-Hannah started wearing cloth diapers, and I love it.  She also helped set a world record by participating in The Great Cloth Diaper Change yesterday.

-We took our first longer car trip to see Uncle John and Aunt Angela and cousin Sara.  It went pretty well, just a little screaming on the way back.  Hannah does not care for red lights.

-Hannah was examined by a pediatric cardiologist and was declared to have an "innocent heart murmur" - no big deal.  She was such a good girl during the appointment.  She had an EKG and an ultrasound done.  Holding still was the hardest part!

-Hannah met her mormor (my mom) and Aunt Caroline for the first time.  They came all the way from Sweden to see her!

-We ditched the nipple shield.

-She started wearing 0-3 month clothes and actually outgrew some of the newborn items.  I think she is just under 9 lbs.

-Last but not least, we found our nanny!  She seems truly wonderful and we think she will take excellent care of Hannah when I return to work in (gulp!) a month.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today is my due date...

And my little girl seems to be waking up a bit!  Her awake times are longer, and she's a bit crankier.  Today I wore or held her all day.  Nighttime sleep is hit or miss, she will do OK one night and keep us up all night the next.  I'm starting to worry a bit about sleep once I go back to work - she will be 6 weeks adjusted age and could very well be up every few hours.  On the other hand, nights might be the only time I see her - I will be out of the house 7:30 AM to at least 7:30 PM every day except Friday, when I will work from home.  I hope we can make it work.

It's odd that my leave is just supposed to be starting but it's half over!  I'm trying to focus on the weeks I have left rather than those that have passed.  I still have mixed feelings about the birth - I am hoping my due date passing will help me feel like things are how they are supposed to be.