Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm due for an update...

Nothing to report on the baby front, except I started cycle 12 and we are gearing up to see a specialist if this cycle is a bust as well.  At this point I am just kind of assuming that it will be.  Neither one of us wants to wait any longer.  It feels good to be on the same page.  Found out that my insurance covers everything except IVF (once I meet my ridiculous deductible) so that's good news.

Our 1-year wedding anniversary was on Sunday.  In commemoration I bring you this, one of our favorite shots:

We went away for the weekend and had a nice, romantic time.  Got home on Sunday in time to enjoy our year-old cake, which was surprisingly tasty.  I think the fondant acted like some kind of barrier.

I suspect the summer will be over before we know it, and I'm not exactly sad...

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