Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heartbeat (and, I heart my midwife)

So my first official midwife appointment (aside from the interview) was last night and we had a great time.  Chatted, took vitals and checked my urine for protein, sugar, and other bad things, and then for the grand finale we got to listen to the heartbeat on the doppler.  The assistant needed to practice on women not that far along, and she found it pretty quickly, kind of over on the left.  I have to say it was pretty cool.  And the fact that I was lying back on my own couch and could go watch Glee immediately after the appointment made it that much better!

NT scan is tomorrow, and I feel less nervous after having heard the heartbeat.  My first inquiry about Bradley classes went out today.  Looks like we are really going to do this thing!

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  1. I followed the Bradley method & had a midwife w/ both of my babies. I'm a huge fan! So glad you are going this route :0)