Monday, April 4, 2011

Today is my due date...

And my little girl seems to be waking up a bit!  Her awake times are longer, and she's a bit crankier.  Today I wore or held her all day.  Nighttime sleep is hit or miss, she will do OK one night and keep us up all night the next.  I'm starting to worry a bit about sleep once I go back to work - she will be 6 weeks adjusted age and could very well be up every few hours.  On the other hand, nights might be the only time I see her - I will be out of the house 7:30 AM to at least 7:30 PM every day except Friday, when I will work from home.  I hope we can make it work.

It's odd that my leave is just supposed to be starting but it's half over!  I'm trying to focus on the weeks I have left rather than those that have passed.  I still have mixed feelings about the birth - I am hoping my due date passing will help me feel like things are how they are supposed to be.

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