Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hannah is 5 months!

Time continues to fly by.  I really try to soak in the time I have with her while celebrating all of the little milestones.  One night last week she fell asleep on my chest and I literally wanted time to stop.  I thought my heart was going to explode with joy.  I have had a couple of parents this week tell me it gets better and better so I'm trying to not wish her to be a baby forever, even though I know that's not possible in any case!

Hannah decided to celebrate her 5-month birthday one day early by rolling over from tummy to back after practicing with her Abuelita.  We were not home, of course, and she refused to repeat her trick today.  But, it's a milestone we have been waiting for!

She has also gotten pretty good at holding her toys, and bringing them to her mouth.  She sometimes leans forward from a supported seated position to reach for something.  She is super smiley and chatty, especially in the morning.  Her cooing is so adorable.  Sleep is still going well, most nights she goes to bed around 9 and wakes once to eat, and is up for the day around 7, although that varies.  One day last week she slept until 9:15!  I missed seeing her in the morning but that is some good sleeping.  If we throw her off her schedule by taking her out somewhere she adjusts by taking extra naps the next day or sleeping in.  I can't complain.

Friday night we got our niece's jumperoo (thank you!) and decided to try it out Saturday afternoon.  I figured it would be a bit big but we put Hannah in it anyway.  It was a pretty funny sight:

She looked so little suspended off the floor!  We put a box underneath so her feet can reach but her torso isn't really that stable, either.  We figured we should just try again in a couple of weeks when she is 4 months adjusted age, since these are meant for 4 months and up.  She won't be tall enough for a while, though!
Three more days and my family from Sweden comes to visit!  We are all very excited.  Hannah has been keeping up with everyone via Skype but it will be so much better to see each other in person.  Our nanny has the week off so I will be home with Hannah Tuesday and Wednesday and they arrive Wednesday afternoon.  My mom is watching Hannah Thursday and Friday and I bet they will have a great time!

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  1. Yay for rolling over! That's what I've been waiting for too. Hopefully Merritt will get there soon :)

    Love that little skirt!