Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fertility Yoga

I have been taking Fertility Yoga for a few weeks now. The teacher is a lovely woman, Leslie Daly. She is very supportive instructor, sprinkling compliments around and always correcting in a gentle way.

We start class by focusing and centering our attention, and making the sound of Ohm, which is one of my favorites. I really like the vibration it creates. Then, we warm up with some traditional asanas, like sun salutations with different variations. We might do some twists and hip openers before getting into some nice long poses that seem to be more about the "reproductive area" as she calls it. We do a deep child's pose, one that massages the abdomen, last night we did a deep supported back bend. I really like these poses. They are intense and relaxing at the same time, and I have mostly taken Vinyasa-style classes in the past which move fairly rapidly throughout.

My favorite part of any yoga class is the Savasana, or deep relaxation, at the end. Leslie goes around and puts eye bags on us and presses our shoulders into the ground. I think she puts on some sort of oil before she does it, too. It is so relaxing. We close with three "ooohs" and one Ohm.

I don't know if it does anything for my fertility but it sure helps with my stress levels!

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