Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More diapers!

So I have been broadening my horizons a bit and venturing out from the household names. has reviews of every brand out there, so it's easy to see what other users think. This is what I have ordered:

Bububebe - these seem to be a favorite for a lot of people, so I decided to give them a try. I went a little crazy and got 5! Two are multi-color striped, one is rainbow striped, one has pastel dots and one has adorable horses and carrots. It's hard to find gender-neutral dipes!

Wee Ones - solidly good reviews, I found these as seconds and ordered one each of cream, red, green, and yellow. With added optional snaps they were $12 each with shipping. Normally they would be about $20.

NRSS Sticky Peas - I had to Google to find out what this meant! NRSS stands for "No roll, simply stick." They are $28 new (if you can get them) and I got these for $12 each. I got one with jungle animals and one with giraffes. They are so cute! These need pins or a snappi but I decided to give them a try anyways.

I have been looking at reviews of covers and am realizing more and more that wool seems to be the way to go, at least for nighttime. The wool absorbs any overflow from the diaper and keeps the bed dry. It's also softer and not crinkly like a lot of synthetic covers. They have the cutest little shorts and pants available. They are horribly expensive, so I think when the time is right I will ask my mom to knit me some. So far I have onyl bought one wool cover, a Loveybums. It's pretty plain but I think it would be good for daytime use.

I also found out that a lot of people use the adorable Goodmamas without a cover during the day because they are so absorbent. I love this idea!

My total stash is now 15 fitteds and 5 AIOs. Getting there fast!

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  1. Sharing some diaper talk! It is addictive and no one else likes to hear it unless they are using them!
    Slings, carriers and wraps are also extremely addictive, especially wraps, just ask me how I know!
    I don't know if you saw this site but you might like it.

    ok back to diapers.

    I love wool and it is very expensive but I got a great wool cover from Imse Vimse and it is my favorite except for when she poops...
    Also, kissaluvs organic fitted diapers are so incredibly soft and they have beautiful newborn diapers with a cutout.

    I have to tell you, we've tried a few different things overnight and honestly, fuzzibunz with a doubler has never failed us. Wool has leaked but maybe because she's a heavy wetter, I don't know.
    I was lucky that I got about 30 fuzzibunz for $75 from someone at the yoga studio! (normally $18 each) so I had that as an option to try. I really prefer prefolds or fitteds with Thirsties covers but Frank likes fuzzibunz because they are easier.
    I love how you have a stash already, I waited till the last minute!