Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hannah's 3 1/2 month pedi appointment

As of this past Friay, my little nugget weighs 12 lbs, 7 oz!  That's in the 40th percentile for a full-term 3-month old!  She is still not on the charts for height and head circumference.  She is short and chubby like mommy!  The doctor is very pleased with her development.  She has a little bit of a head lag when pulled into a seated position, which is normal for her age.  She props herself up nicely on her elbows when placed on her belly and is starting to swat at toys.  She has a great smile and has giggled a couple of times.  Pedi says vowel sounds are next, and grasping toys.  I love seeing these little milestones.

She got her PC vaccine to protect against pneumonia, meningitis, and other bad stuff.  Like last time she has had a rough 24 hours.  She woke up three times in the night, and then spent much of the day crying and even refused to nurse a couple of times (she did take a bottle.)  We finally gave her some Tylenol and she settled down.  She was a little screamy the next couple of days and now seems to have settled into a nice growth spurt!

And a pic, because why not?  This was taken on the 5th, before the heat wave fried the peonies.

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