Friday, May 27, 2011

Hannah is 3 months!

OK, so it was Tuesday, but at least we got pictures taken on the right day.  Now that I am officially a working mom I just slapped the sticker on the onesie she was wearing and snapped a few shots and went to bed. 

Hannah is starting to get all smiley and even cuter than before.  Ms. Jenn who is watching Hannah while I am at work said that she even got a giggle out of her by playing the piano and singing.  I told Steve he should try it. 
Sleep is getting better - she still wakes one or two times a night but can go for long stretches, sometimes as much as 6 hours without eating.  I hate to say it but I think her getting bottles during the day is getting her used to bigger meals and going longer between them.

Other happenings this month:

Hannah met mommy's friends from way back when - we had a fun bachelorette weekend for Liz (far right) and it included a sleepover at my house.

I celebrated my first mother's day, with a dinner cooked by Steve's brother and a photo book thoughtfully put together by Steve.

Hannah met her Auntie Kat, who made a pair of gorgeous deerskin moccasins for her.  She is a very blessed little girl surrounded by so much love! 

And of course, I went back to work on Monday.  So far Hannah does not seem to mind.

I cannot believe my baby girl is three months already!  Time sure flies.

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