Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hannah is 7 months!

Isn't she adorable?  We are more smitten every day!  I predicted this would be a big month, and I was right - Hannah had a lot of firsts this month.

Hannah had food for the first time - avocado.  She thought it was...interesting.  Since that first bite she has had banana, oatmeal, prunes, pears, and squash.  Unfortunately she seems to be sensitive to bananas - she got a rash on her face and threw up several hours later the two times she tried it.  It's too bad since she seemed to like them the best of all the foods she has tried.

A week later Hannah took her first flight, to see her Auntie Kat.  She was a real trooper on the plane despite having trouble napping.

It was good practice for us to take a short flight - those seats are pretty cramped for three people even when one is small.  I think when we go to Sweden next summer we will get her her own seat.  I can't imagine an 8 hour overnight flight with an 18-month old on my lap.

Auntie Kat was so happy to see Hannah!

Hannah enjoyed her time in North Carolina despite getting very little sleep.  There were so many new things to look at and she didn't want to miss anything.  She saw her first waterfall and and was really interested in it.

Hannah watched her first football game (our one exception to our general no TV policy, and it won't be every week) and celebrated her dad's birthday in her Eagle's onesie.  She cheered the first touchdown of the season and started learning about all the regulations.

Last weekend we started music class.  Hannah was fascinated by the autoharp at the beginning.

Later in the class there was some interaction with the other babies, which Hannah really could use.  It was a very stimulating class and Hannah took a good nap that afternoon!

Physically, Hannah continues to get stronger at sitting while showing no interest in rolling over.  She can now sit for a good while with just something behind her to catch should she decide to lie back.

Out to lunch in NC.
Ready for bed!
This morning we saw two teeth just below the surface!   I'm pretty sure they will be out next month.

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