Monday, October 24, 2011

Hannah is 8 months!

Oh gosh this month really flew by!  I don't have too much share, but as you can see Hannah did, as I predicted, cut her first tooth.  The second one is very, very, close behind.  That little thing is so cute and very sharp!

Hannah continues to explore solids - she has tried a number of fruits and veggies, plus Greek yogurt.  Peas are her favorite.  In a addition to purees, she is trying some finger foods - roasted carrots and parsnips and steamed peas.  She seems to like them although she doesn't get a whole lot into her mouth.  Hannah is also experimenting with drinking water out of an open cup.

We started music class and Hannah really loves it.  Her favorite part is the autoharp that Miss Gen plays at the beginning of class. Hannah is fascinated by it and often smiles and even giggles during class.  She also likes sitting on the drum while we sing and play.

We also started Swedish class this week.  Hannah is too little for a lot of the activities but it's great for her to hear the language and soon enough she will be walking and better able to join in.

We did the obligatory pumpkin patch visit last weekend and it was a lot of fun.  I had to hold her not because she can't sit, but because Hannah tried to eat the grass, leaves, and pumpkin stems!  We had a good time and Hannah saw a lot of new sights.

Physically, Hannah has become a champion roller, very strong and push-ups, and finally found her toes. 

We are working on transitioning to the crib for nighttime and it's going OK, if you consider 45 or 90-minute stretches in the evening and maybe as long as 3 hours overnight OK...but she's getting it.  The crib is a safe and pleasant place to sleep and there is no need to worry.  She still winds up in our bed in the wee hours and I enjoy the snuggles.

Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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