Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hannah is 9 months!

I feel like this month was a big one for Hannah.  She has become so much more engaged, and very deliberate in her actions.  We got her a play yard so she can roll around safely and she loves being in there.  We have put up a mirror for peek-a-boo, and used the bars from her baby gym to hang toys overhead. When she gets cranky we just put her down amongst her toys and she is usually happy again.  Her biggest frustration is when something is out of reach - she hasn't figured out that crawling is an option yet.  Penny the cat is her best friend (at least as far as she is concerned!) and they are getting more comfortable together.  Hannah loves it when Penny is close enough to touch! 

We continue to work on crib sleeping.  Hannah is now sleeping pretty well in her crib with an occasional waking around 10 PM for milk, sometimes another one later on just for soothing, milk again around either 2 or 4 AM and then it can get a little tricky until morning.  One night I got her back down after a 4 AM feed and she slept in her crib until 7 - that was a big milestone for us!

Even though Halloween was basically canceled due to power outages from the freak snow storm (Hannah was a champ through 28 hours of no heat, including some 56 degree diaper changes) we had a little celebration at home with Abuelita, Uncle John, Aunt Angela, and cousin Sara the bee.

Hannah also celebrated her first Thanksgiving - with a plate of sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, and a little turkey. 

She enjoyed the day even though there was a shortage of naps.  She also did really well Black Friday shopping, although she got a bit tuckered at the end.

Hannah got three more teeth this month (those uppers were brutal!) and I think she just started working on some more.  Next month she hits double digits - yikes!

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  1. I love the pictures and the updates! Such a cutie!