Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First ultrasound today...

and it was amazing!  My doc found the baby right away, and the heart was beating at 160 beats per minute.  We could see the little hand paddles.  I measured right on track, 8 weeks 2 days.   1.8 cm.  The look on Steve's face was priceless, and I teared up just a little.  I feel like it is waving "Hi!" to us...


  1. So glad everything went well!

  2. Awesome! I am new here! Hope you come visit and follow me too :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. isn't it just amazing?? I cried too! In fact my doctor let me tape all the sono's so I can look back at them and she how she was growing. So glad everything is going well xoxo