Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Midwife interview #1...

She was an adorable, tiny little thing.  Not too many people are shorter than I am!  She seemed warm and I liked her immediately.  She spent an hour going through her materials, which answered most of my questions.  I only had a few left.  The things that impressed me the most were:

-6% hospital transfer rate for first time moms, 3% C-section rate.
-100% success rate in turning breeches.
-Super knowledgeable about nutrition and herbs - she believes nutrition can make a huge difference in preparing for delivery and avoiding complications.
-Takes on only 3-5 clients per month, so the likelihood of missing my birth is low.
-Works with a local OB who sounds really birth friendly - he delivers twins and breeches naturally!
-Has a great relationship with my insurance company, and can get in-network approval.  This means that instead of her $5,500 fee we could pay nothing or just a little bit.

So I am keeping the appointment with midwife #2 next week, just for comparison purposes.  I feel like I want to make a fully informed decision and not be able to second-guess myself.

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