Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A day in the life of the NICU

I really hope this is our last full day here. This is what the schedule is like:

6:00 AM - get up, pump and wash parts, shower, eat breakfast and pack up what we need for the day.
7:20 AM - leave the house
7:45 AM - arrive NICU, put milk in fridge and settle in. Chat with nurse about how the night was.
8:00 AM - scheduled care session - take temp and change diaper, nurse 15 min and let her eat what she wants from the bottle.
8:45 AM - snuggle and wait for rounds. Chat with doctor.
9:30 AM - sleeping soundly and back in crib. Pump and wash parts, label and store milk.
9:45 AM - check e-mail and send a report to my family, have a snack and some water, use the bathroom.
10:30 AM - pump and wash parts.
11:00 AM - scheduled care session - temp, diaper, nurse, bottle, snuggle.
12:00 PM - lunch in hospital cafeteria, make any necessary calls from lobby.
1:30 PM - return to NICU to pump and wash parts.
2:00 PM - scheduled care session.
3:00 PM - nap in recliner in the room if possible, check e-mail, read up on breastfeeding.
4:30 PM - pump and wash parts.
5:00 PM - scheduled care session.
6:00 PM - dinner in hospital cafeteria.
7:30 PM - pump and wash parts.
8:00 PM - scheduled care session.
9:00 PM - reluctantly go home. Possibly cry a little.
9:30 PM - home - try to get a few things done to finish the nursery, clean up the general accumulated mess.
10:30 PM - bed.
12:00 AM - pump and wash parts, drink water, snack if hungry. Up for 20-30 minutes depending on how slowly I move.
3:00 AM - pump and wash parts.

That's our life for the last few days - it's not fun, it's not easy, but it's what we need to do. Can't wait to get home and settle into our own routine!

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  1. I can relate....taking every day one at a time has helped me to stay sane. It's overwhelming if I think about how many days have gone by, or how many days we may have ahead. I hope your little girl gets to come home soon!