Thursday, March 3, 2011

Did I mention we are home?

No?  Sorry, I was too busy snuggling with my little nugget.  She has an apnea monitor in case she stops breathing (a common thing with preemies, they usually start breathing again on their own) and we made it through the first night without incident.  This evening I am proud to announce that she took her entire feeding by breast for the first time!  We are not allowed to wear her out too much yet but I am very pleased.

Outfits are limited because of the monitor cords - we need to get to her chest quickly to fix a lead if it comes off, and the cords need somewhere to stick out.  Pants are out.  Gowns are too restrictive in the chest unless they have snaps.  We are pretty much limited to snapping footed sleepers and we only have a few items in newborn, which are too big but not ridiculously so.

We sit and snuggle a lot to make up for lost time in the NICU and to try to recreate the third trimester that she is missing out on.  I look forward to every day with her!

Breaking jail!

Home as a family!


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