Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hannah's 2/3 month appointment

We are super off with the pediatrician visits because Hannah went for the first time when she was almost 2 weeks old, and wasn't even full term at that point.  So yesterday we went for her "3 month" appointment at 11 weeks actual age, 5 1/2 weeks adjusted age, and she got her 2 month shots.   This stuff is hard to keep straight!

The pedi liked her overall "perkiness" and said she has a strong neck and is very close to rolling over - on track for her actual age!  She is beginning to smile socially which is on track for her adjusted age.  She weighed in at 10 lbs 8.5 oz (10th percentile for actual age) and measured 20.5" (5th percentile.)  She is growing super fast and should keep climbing up that chart.

We chose to do the Pentacel shot, which is DTaP, Polio, and HIB all in one injection - saves her two sticks.  Our pedi likes to space out vaccines so she will get the meningitis vaccine next month and then be ready for two her 4 month shots at the sppointment after that.  We are skipping the Rotavirus vaccine after consulting with the pedi.

Hannah took the injection like a champ - one shriek and a couple of whimpers and that was that.  She slept on the way home, and ate right away when we got there.  Then it all fell apart.  She had a short and unsettled nap followed by a lot of crying.  Real crying, with tears.  I walked her all over the house but she was just so sad.  She screamed her way through the next diaper change, which was lengthy as the result of a mid-change poopsplosion.  She screamed horribly when I tried to button her onesie (I think it was too close to her thigh) so she she spent the rest of the afternoon in her diaper cover and an unbuttoned onesie.  Steve found me rocking her like that when he got home at 6:30.  She had fallen asleep against my chest out of exhaustion and would whine a little every once in a while.  She skipped an afternoon feeding so I had to pump, and that never happens.  She finally ate and fell asleep around 9, and other than eating a couple of extra times in the late evening she seems back to normal.  I hope so, because I hate seeing her sad or in pain!

I'm thinking Steve can take the next appointment...


  1. Oh my! I'm going to the 2nd month appoinment on the 3rd too. I don't want to see my daughter in pain :(

  2. I just took my daughter to her 3 month checkup and they gave her three shots :( it was hard to see her happy one second then the next second hearing her shriek of pain.. :( And worse part is whenever I try to burp her after a feeding she starts bawling because it causes movement to her thighs